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Raheela Hasan is a Certified Health & Nutrition Specialist with a rich experience of over six years in clinical nutrition. Over this time, she has gained credibility as one of the most sought after online nutritionist with an experience of counseling more than 600 clients from all over India, Dubai, Singapore & Hong Kong.

Her expertise includes designing comprehensive weight management programs for people and helps them maintain a healthy life. Considering the busy schedules and hectic lifestyles of people, Raheela has also come up with unique online weight management programs for people of all ages, gender, and occupations. These programs are designed to benefit anyone seeking a nutritionist online. People can consult Raheela as their online dietitian who gives them personal attention as much as their local nutritionist. Now, you don’t have to go anywhere to find a dietitian with the help of internet at your home or office, you can take help of an expert certified nutritionist at your convenience.

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About Us & What we do

Fitrition is an online weight loss and life style management clinic.

Our programs are completely natural and based on the body cycle of losing weight through an optimum nutritional intake and healthy eating plans. All diet plans are individually customized.

All diet plans are individually customized and we have more than 500 national and international clients who consult us through the internet and email for online weight loss programs. We monitor every stage of your journey and stay in touch with you via email.

Along with food charts, we also provide with restaurant meal guide, recipes, festival guide, weight tracker, body composition analyzer and more – all to ensure corrective eating plans along with maintenance plan with a long term analysis.

As part of our vision to become the one-stop shop for health & weight management, we also have a range of healthy munchies and complete nutritious meals as well. We deliver these meals at your convenience to your home or office.