Easy Menopause

An important transition in every woman’s life is menopause. Her body goes through many changes at all levels and it can be challenging to find one’s equilibrium at such a time. In medical terms, this is a phase when the menstrual cycles slowly stop to indicate the end of periods and of possible sexual reproduction ability in women. During menopause, weight gain is a common symptoms, other symptoms include irregular periods, hot flashes, night sweats, sleep difficulty, mood swings and irritability. At Fitrition, we have an ‘Easy Menopause’ Program which is a carefully designed menopause treatment that includes, a meticulous diet plan that can help in easing menopause. Apart from recommending the right foods, fruits and beverages, menopause supplements are also suggested to keep irritations and bodily pains at bay. This program includes a perimenopause diet and which prepares a woman to be able to handle menopause and transition smoothly into this growth period with minimal pain and maximum well-being.

Program Essentials:

  • Diet sessions (each lasting for 7 days)
  • Diet sessions (each lasting for 7 days)
  • Alcohol guide
  • Interactive weight tracker
  • Interactive body composition analyser
  • Daily intake & activity tracker
  • Daily essential guide
  • Celebrate and maintain for life
  • Cheat sheet
  • Recipes
  • FAQs
  • Special travel/holiday guides
  • Festival guides
  • A no expiry validation
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  • 1 month ( 4 sessions ) + 3 months permanent maintenance 4500/-
  • 3 month (12 sessions )+ 6 months permanent maintenance 10800/-
  • 6 month ( 24 sessions ) + 1 year permanent maintenance 21600/-

Why Us

‘Fitrition - Nutrition for Life’ is an online weight loss and life style management clinic. With a vision of providing research and knowledge based products in the area of preventive health maintenance,

Fitrition takes care of your fitness and nutrition.

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