How We Work

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Create your 'Health Account' and fill up the nutrition analysis data form. This form will tell us everything we need to know about you, through various sections like Personal Information, Health History, Nutritional Analysis and Medical History.

Once we receive all your details, Raheela will personally analyze them, design a program for your specific need and will be your Health Mentor.

How to get started

Raheela will design your START UP KIT and the diet chart, and explain the whole procedure in detail. You just have to follow the diet for 7 days and on the 8th day morning, weigh yourself on an empty stomach and update the weight record sheet.

Lost weight?


Did not lose weight but feeling lighter, thinner,fitter ?

Very Good!

No change ?

We shall study the issue again and resolve it.

The diet chart changes with weekly update which you send to us. This cycle continues till the program duration you have enrolled for. At any point of time, you can always mail Raheela and will soon get back to you.

Maintenance Phase

Most of us, within a few months, put the weight back on after being off the diet program. It can be avoided with balanced nutrition!

The last session of your program is reserved for maintenance. Raheela will help you to CELEBRATE LIFE!

You will receive a personalized CELEBRATE LIFE MAINTENANCE KIT and a lifetime access to the HEALTH READS and RECIPES.

All these tools shall ensure that you stay healthy, happy and celebrate life!