Seema Shankar, Chartered Accountant, Mumbai

What to say about Raheela, she has that charm to convince you to follow a proper diet plan. She has made me achieve my target. Slowly & steadily I did it. I am happy with the changes that have taken place for a healthy living. Keep up the good work Raheela.

Tasneem Siddique, Lawyer, Mumbai

Raheela made me lose 10 Kg weight in 3 months and helped me get back to how I was. In spite of a hectic schedule I could follow her diet plans easily. Her regular follow ups kept me motivated to achieve my targets. Thanks Raheela, God bless you.

Sukaina Merchant, Engineering Student, New York

Raheela has always been there for me to help me lose weight. Her diet plans are so amazing that you can follow them anywhere. She gives amazing healthy options. Thank you for helping me in the weight loss journey and stay fit even while I am away from home.

Yogesh Bhatt, Civil Engineer, Mumbai

I lost 10 kg with her in 3 months. Today I am healthy & fit at the age of 55 after following the healthy diet suggested by Raheela.

Rohini Vora, Housewife

Raheela helped me lose 8 kg in 2 months & she brought my uric acid thyroid under control. She has trained me to eat healthy and maintain a better lifestyle.

Navita Rajoria, Marathon Runner

I joined Fitrition for maintaining good health. As a marathon runner I use to feel weak sometimes. Raheela’s diet plans are great. I got rid of health issues like acidity and feel much healthier, I can run more than before and achieve my targets in the marathon.

Kripa Sangvi, Housewife, Mumbai

I am glad I joined Fitrition online programme. The programme actually helped me lose my post pregnancy weight. Raheela taught me how to maintain a good lifestyle with healthy eating habbits.

Muskhan Sharma, Finance Professional, New Delhi

I joined Fitrition online programme since I wanted to lose weight before for my marriage. I lost 5 kg in 2 months in a very healthy way. Raheela’s services are amazing. She was available whenever required and responded promptly. She guided me in all the ways and made me look beautiful as a bride. Thanks Raheela.

Mrs Pratima Shevi, Housewife, Mumbai

I enjoyed the diet plan given by Raheela. I was excited and look forward to the new food plan she would suggest every week. I lost 8 Kg in 2 months. Raheela has always been supportive and answers all my questions patiently. Thank you Raheela, you make me feel young.

Shefali Kaushal, Banker, Mumbai

I joined Raheela’s online programme. The 1st consultation which she gave me over the phone made me confident that her plan will work for me. It was a very convenient plan. I wanted to lose 10 Kg post my pregnancy, and I lost it in just 3 months. Moreover, I am still maintaining it. I got back to my original weight which makes me feel happy, healthy & fit.

Sonali Kapoor, Teacher, Mumbai

I joined Raheela for a. 5kg programme & I lost 10 kg in just 2 months. Raheela’s diet plans have worked wonders for me. I feel much lighter, healthy & fit.

Mr. Pravin, Chartered Accountant, Mumbai

I joined Raheela for controlling my cholesterol. Within 3 months my cholesterol was under control, the plans set by her are really easy. She gave me a customized diet plan which suited my body. Thank you, Raheela!

Rajjo, Mumbai

I find online sessions to be boring but I wanted to reduce weight so I enrolled. After enrolling at Fitrition, it has been an amazing journey; the diet plans are very amazing. I have saved my time to going to clinic and waiting for an appointment. Online programs have made it easy. Thanks Raheela, the results have come to be really good.

Anam Lakhani

When I first heard about Fitrition I was sceptical to join it. I was confused about how effective an online programme will be, and will it actually help me lose weight. But I was proved wrong!! The first interaction that I had with Raheela made me change my mind. I lost 10 kg before my marriage which was a great change for me.

The way Raheela interacted with me through mails, giving careful selection of diet plan, suggesting amazing recipes... The follow up and everything was awesome
Vaishali Hingarh, Advocate

I had come to Raheela to make me lose weight by all means. I wanted to plan a baby but because of me being overweight, I could not conceive. I lost 5 kg and that brought so much change to my body that I could easily conceive. I am so happy & glad I met her. She has helped me to achieve my target. Thanks Raheela, much love.

Tanvi Qasier, House wife, Mumbai

Raheela you are amazing, I just have one thing to say ‘Thank you for helping me lose weight’. I could not do it without you.

Nikita Motwani, Dentist, Mumbai

I joined Raheela for a 10 kg programme. She has so supportive throughout my weight loss journey. I wanted to lose 10 Kg as I was planning a baby. I achieved my weight loss target with her. Raheela took care of my food cravings during the weight loss journey. Thanks for being there.

Nasreen Kamaal

Throughout my life, I tried different ways to lose weight and have always failed. With Raheela’s program, I learnt about how eating the right food can work wonders for my body and mind as well. I lost around 10 kilos and also able to maintain my weight now. Thank you Raheela!!!

Imran Khan

I was afraid of my rising cholesterol level and weight gaining tendency of my body. I tried many dieticians but nothing worked. Luckily at 90 kgs I visited ‘Fitrition’ where a practical diet plan was given to me which was very easy to follow, which helped me lose 20 Kg in just 6 months. Thanks to ‘Raheela Hasan’, you are the best in the business.

Dr. Debjyoti Dutta

Raheela helped me lose 10 kg in 3 months! It’s a great achievement for me. I love the diet plans suggested by her. I haven’t got bored of the food plan, in fact I enjoy all the meals specially the fruit smoothie she told me to have. She has been very supportive & kept motivating me to achieve my targets.

Poonam Mirchandani (Dubai)

I’m extremely happy with the results and I actually cannot believe that I achieved such results :) I have been having medical issues like diabetes, thyroid and had got my gallbladder removed. Despite all this, I still managed to lose 10 kgs & 25 inches in 3 months with Raheela’s guidance. Thank you for the support and for helping me make healthy eating choices.

Imran khan (Mumbai)

I lost 15 in 4 months and this happened without changing my lifestyle! Raheela taught me to eat the right food in right portions. I followed all her instructions to fix my cholesterol problem and also to maintain better health, and in just 3 months she helped me to get my cholesterol under control. I am really thankful to Raheela for meticulously planning such a balanced and easy to follow diet.

Harsha Udhani (Honkong)

I feel good, engergetic and lighter. Earlier, I used to have knee pain while walking uphill/downhill but now I don’t feel that pain. I am happy with the results - I have lost 2 k gs & 18 1/2 inches in 20 days.

Bhavna Israni, daughter of Sushila Israni (Mumbai)

Raheela’s diet has worked wonders with my mother’s obesity. My mom has managed to lose 8 kilos in one month without any major lifestyle or food habit changes. Thank you Raheela!!!

Varsha Joshi (Mumbai)

Raheela has been my support throughout my weight loss journey; her guidance has made a lot of difference. Being a diabetes and thyroid patient she has brought my medical conditions under control and helped me lose 5 kg & 10'' inches in 45 days.

Namrata Kudev (Mumbai)

Fitrition made it possible for me to lose 5 kg & 20'' inches in 45. I got my confidence back. The 5 weeks PCOS program + weight loss worked wonders for me.

I love the compliments which keep me motivated to continue the diet and exercises recommended.

Ameya Mahurkar, (Mumbai)

“I had a wonderful experience with Raheela. I’ve been with her for over six months and receiving weekly feedback from her makes a big difference to my weight loss story. She really cares for her clients.”

Tasneem Siddique (Mumbai)

I’m extremely happy I took up your programme. I have lost 10 kgs in three months and it feels great to receive compliments. I love your recipes and have so many options to eat healthy which I was totally unaware of earlier.

Jitasha Shaikh, (Mumbai)

Weight loss was not as easy but Fitrition made it easy. I wanted to lose my post pregnancy weight and Raheela helped me lose 10 kg in a healthy way in 3 months. I have able to maintain by weight since four years, all thanks for Raheela’s guidance.

Prachi Mehta INDIA (Mumbai)

I started my weight loss journey with Fitrition in January 2015. I lost 10 kgs and 30'' inches in 70 days with the help of Raheela’s diet plans, diet principles and a combination of gym and regular brisk walking.

Raheela's program is brilliant and has a variety of recipes to ensure boredom doesn’t creep in.

Kiran Bhansal (Mumbai)

What seemed like an impossible task was made possible with Raheela’s weight loss program. Her approach and attitude is very encouraging. I took the 5 weeks weight loss program and I would like to thank Raheela for making me lose weight the right way.