Weight Loss for women with PCOS

Women gain weight because of many medical reasons and some of the most common reasons are hypertension, diabetes, hormonal changes especially PCOS. PCOS is a hormonal disorder in women affecting the ovaries which cause abnormal weight gain, high sugar levels, facial hair, thyroid and infertility. According to many studies and health practitioners, even a minimal 10% reduction in weight, improves the overall condition in PCOS.

To consistently manage PCOS and its other side effects, it’s essential to reduce weight and burn those extra calories through exercising. Fitrition offers an online program for weight loss for women with PCOS. Special supplements and foods incorporated in this program will be essential in regularizing the monthly cycle thus increasing chances of conception, maintaining blood sugar levels and losing weight.

Since nutrition is an important part of all of our programs, Diet in PCOS has to be regulated with special plans laid out by our Nutritionist for PCOS treatment to consume certain foods in moderation and avoid extremely heavy and rich meals especially those laden with sugar, oil and drinks with caffeine content. Apart from Fitness and nutrition, our weight loss program for women with PCOS includes PCOS Counselling that helps patients deal with emotional issues and negative thought patterns associated with this condition.

Program Essentials:

  • Diet sessions (each lasting for 7 days)
  • Restaurant menu guide
  • Alcohol guide
  • Corrective eating in portions guide
  • Interactive weight tracker
  • Interactive body composition analyser
  • Daily intake & activity tracker
  • Daily essential guide
  • Celebrate and maintain for life
  • Cheat sheet
  • Recipes
  • FAQs
  • Special travel/holiday guides
  • Festival guides
  • A no expiry validation
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  • 1 month ( 4 sessions ) + 3 months permanent maintenance 2 kg 4500/-
  • 3 month (12 sessions )+ 6 months permanent maintenance 6 kg 10800/-
  • 6 month ( 24 sessions ) + 1 year permanent maintenance 12 kg 21600/-

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‘Fitrition - Nutrition for Life’ is an online weight loss and life style management clinic. With a vision of providing research and knowledge based products in the area of preventive health maintenance,

Fitrition takes care of your fitness and nutrition.

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